Selling at the Auction House

  1. What can I sell at auction?
    Just about anything that has a value, is the simple answer. At general auctions we sell anything from Single items to Estate lots – Home – Business – Workshop – Garage Household furniture, white-ware, antiques & collectables, tools, electronics, sports equipment, hobbyist equipment, jewellery, glass, china, garden furniture, building or renovating goods, Just about anything. Having a clear out? – Want the garage space back? – Downsizing your home or moving overseas? Streamlining your business, clearing old stock to make way for new, or free up cash.
    $$ Let us turn your unwanted goods in to cash $$
    Bring your goods to us and we will advise you of what you might expect to get at auction, or if there are large or bulky items we can organize to collect your goods prior to the auction. If there is a large quantity we can offer to sell the items onsite and bring the auction to you.
  2. Receiving goods for sale at auction
    When we accept your goods for auction, we will give you a consignment note with a unique number, which applies to all the goods you wish to be auctioned, each item or lot is registered with that number & Catalogued.
  3. Sellers Premium
    The seller accepts that in addition to the hammer or selling price, The Auction house will apply a seller’s commission of 13.05% which will be deducted from the hammer price, plus GST on the commission only. A total of 15% commission, including GST. e.g. A hammer price of $100.00 The sellers premium would be $15.00 inc GST total to you, would be $85.00.
  4. Reserves & Guides
    Sometimes you may wish to sell, but only over a certain price. In this instance we would be happy to discuss reserve & guide prices. Auctioneering is not an exact science but we can offer you our best guides as to what we could expect goods to achieve at auction given our past experience. Often values can exceed the estimated price. The majority of the items on the floor are un-reserved, and will reach what the market is prepared to pay. Our aim is to achieve the best possible price for your goods. Items with a reserve that go unsold will incur a $5 listing fee per item. If sold the fees are as stated in 3.
  5. Why should I sell at auction
    Auctions are great way to sell unwanted items quickly without all the hassle and time of listing and posting, or organizing a garage sale. The auction will clear all your unwanted goods in one easy phone call. Low value items can be boxed together to make them more attractive to potential buyers.
    Auctions are fast.
    Auctions are efficient.
    Auctions get market value for your goods.
    Not to mention a great fun way to sell, and buy goods.

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Fast Efficient Fun

Our aim is to make your goods accessible to as many potential purchasers as possible so that we can achieve the best price possible for your goods.

To this end we advertise our auctions in the local papers and we have an excellent website that displays pictures of all the lots that will be put under the hammer in the next auction.

Positioned directly on State Highway 2 there are hundreds of people passing by everyday – each one a potential buyer of your goods.

Give us a call & discuss what you wish to sell, and we will be happy to personally assist you. We have a Collection & Delivery service available (charges apply) please ring for a quote. Out of town enquiries welcome.