Terms & Conditions


All persons wishing to bid must first register and obtain a bidding number. To register you will be required to provide your address, E-mail, telephone number, and signature.
Absentee Bidding. If you cannot attend the auction. You can place your maximum bid with the auctioneer by filling out an absentee bidding form. The auctioneer will then attempt to purchase the lot for you at the lowest price, other bid and reserves taken in to consideration.
The highest bidder to be the purchaser, subject to the auctioneers having the right to refuse the bidding of any person. Should any dispute arise, the lot in dispute will be immediately put up for sale again or the auctioneer may declare the purchaser.
On the fall of the hammer all lots shall be at the risk of the purchaser who shall pay for & remove the same by the evening of the sale, arrangements can be made prior to the auction for collection at a different time or for delivery.
All bids are subject to the buyer’s premium of 13.05% +GST total of 15% on top of the hammer price.
If for any reason the purchaser fails to complete his purchase as aforesaid, the auctioneer reserves all rights to resell any lot, any net increase in price shall be the property of the vendor. The purchaser however, shall be responsible to make up any loss of any such resale together any expenses incurred.
All payments to be made directly after the auction. Cash, EFTPOS, or Credit Card(credit card payments will incur a further charge of 3% on the total bill to cover charges incurred Minimum transaction $50.00).

No goods to be removed before payment is made.
A fully paid up receipt must be presented to staff before any items are removed.

ALL GOODS TO BE REMOVED ON THE DAY OF SALE, or arraignments made for delivery at an additional cost

Should any dispute arise, the Lot shall be put up for immediate resale, and the Auctioneers decision is final .

The Auctioneer may combine or divide Lots.

A bid authorises the Auctioneer to note and to execute the contract for that bid on behalf of the bidder and authorises the charge of any buyer’s premium.

All goods are sold as is, and the buyer is deemed to have inspected the goods and satisfied themselves that the goods are as described in the catalogue.

A Collection & Delivery service available (charges apply) please contact us for a quote.


Accepting goods

When we take goods for auction, we will give you a consignment note with a unique number, which applies to your goods, everything is tagged with that number & lotted accordingly.
In the case of boxed or multiple goods, the box or group gets tagged and any items separate will also be tagged with your consignment number.

Reserves & Guides

We are always happy to discuss reserve & guide prices, auctioneering is not an exact science but we can give you best guides on what we would expect goods to achieve on the auction floor. In many instances values are far more pleasing than anticipated.

Unsold goods

On occasions where goods did not sell on auction day. The lot would roll over to the next auction to give them a second chance. Often the auctioneer can buy way of post auction negotiation secure a sale after the auction has finished with people who were biding to see if they are prepared to raise their bid or meet the reserve price. If goods are still not sold we would give you a call to discuss options, whether to place the goods back in to auction at a reduced reserve, or have you take the goods back or, we can dispose of the goods on your behalf (there may be a charge for disposal).


Once goods have been auctioned, payout is available within 7 days of the auction, subject to The Auction House having received full payment for all lots. In cases of estates or larger quantities of goods, we usually payout once all the items have sold. We try to deal with all sales as quickly as possible but there can be some delays, unsold goods or large quantities of similar items placed in consecutive auctions. If you wish to withdrawal an item once it has been open to the public for viewing it will be subject to a $25 withdrawal free

Sellers Commission

We charge 13.05% commission + GST on the commission portion only which will be deducted from the sale price of items. As an example, if we sold an item of yours for $100.00 then the following would apply:- Sold for = $100.00 Commission = $ 13.05 GST = $ 1.95 Payout = $ 85.00 Payment is made by internet transfer accompanied by an itemised statement.